Keeping Dogs And Cats Cool This Summer

pet careJust like humans cats and dogs do not appreciate too much heat, if you observe them outside, after a short spell in the sun they will soon seek out the nearest shady spot.

Keep a check on your pet and if he can’t find that essential shade create some for him.

A dog will quickly become de-hydrated, so either at home or when out and about with your dog or cat, ensure that they have plenty of water to drink. Cool is better, so throw in a few ice chips because it will be appreciated. [Pet Care]

If your dog travels in the car with you, never be tempted to leave them in the car. It is like an oven reaching temperatures as high as one hundred degrees, an animal could end up with heat stroke or exhaustion.

Ultimately, for beloved dog could die, as they do not perspire like humans, they use the pads of their paws and panting to expel bodily heat.

Just as dangerous is letting your furry companion travel in the back of an open truck. A four legged creature can not hang on to something like a human and could end up flying all over the place.

Alternatively it might be hit by a branch or an object discarded by a passing vehicle. So either let them sit up front or put them in a special animal carrier crate.

Measures to take if your dog does get adversely affected by the heat include cooling him down with water or cold towels. If in doubt, seek professional attention because an animal can very easily succumb to exhaustion from the heat.


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