Dealing With Bird Flu And Keeping Your Pet Free From It

bird fluBird flu is not only common among birds; it can be spread through humans and other pets.

It’s deadly to birds and it’s definitely not a pretty sight when you see a bird infected with bird flu. But it can also be fatal to humans as well.

Many people have died because of bird flu and you certainly do not want to be a statistic.

Your pet bird may contract the disease from you if you happen to handle other infected birds without knowing it or they may contract it through other pet birds in the area.

Symptoms of bird flu noticeable in pet birds include loss of appetite, head swelling and ultimately death. You can get rid of it so that you can save your bird from the inevitable death.

Not only are you saving your bird but you will also be making sure that it does not spread to other pets and your family.

If you are interested in collecting a large collection of birds as a hobby, you should be careful about the type of birds that you collect. One infected bird may spread the disease to all other clean birds and at a faster rate when they are packed together.

Avoid leaving your pet bird’s food in the open. If it doesn’t look like its still eating then take the food away from the open. This will ensure that no wild birds are attracted to your yard. Food is the common attractor of wild birds.

Caging your birds is an added measure that you can practice. If you minimize its movement then chances of it contracting the disease from elsewhere are minimal and chances of your bird meeting with other bird that might be contaminated are close to none.

Chase away birds that may fly into your yard. They may be attracted by the presence of other birds and want to fly in, but make sure you chase them away all the time and keep them away.

You can build a fence around the area where you keep your birds. That way they are kept out, away from your clean birds.

When your pet bird dies, despite the cause of death make sure that you cremate it rather than bury it. It’s a safety measure, particularly if you are not sure of the cause of death.

Cleanliness is one of the most important elements in keeping a disease such as this one. Make sure your pet bird’s cage is always clean. An average of twice a day will be alright, but if necessary then make it three times or so. This will depend on how much you feed your bird on a daily basis.


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