Nothing Is Too Much For Our Furry Friends

In times of crisis, there are some dogs, which still live in luxury.

We are talking about the dogs that are lucky enough to belong to people who can afford it, of course. The chain of no less than 250 Pets at Home stores crated in 1991 and based in Cheshire has recently been sold for the sum of 955 million British pounds while the founder, Anthony Preston is expecting to bank no less than 220 million pounds from the deal.

The approximate rate at which pet stores have been opening for the last years is 20 per year; they employ a sum of 4,200 people led by Matt Davies, former banker and now chief executive of Pets at Home. The fascinating thing about it is that sales keep rising, despite all the economical difficulties the majority of the population is facing.

Last Christmas sales were up 7% compared to 2008, while the canine outfits were with 70% more looked after and bought than they were a year ago.

Bird food was also on very high demand: in a few weeks only, more than 1000 tones were sold and during the last 10 months of recession, like for like sales grew with about 10%, which proves, once and for all, that while us humans can make serious economies when it comes to our diet and clothing, that is not the case of our fellow pets.



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