Toronto Gives The Tone For A Pet Friendly Attitude

Toronto Humane Society is an organization that gives another reason to think about the animals and their shelter care. The organization is having a new goal – to find homes for nearly 60 animals and to improve the local shelter’s work by strictly monitoring and new rules.


The adoption blitz of this organization is aiming for adoption to all the animals or at least their replacements in foster homes. The local shelter, River street shelter is now closing for renovations and other innovations, including better trained staff. Toronto Humane Society will now monitor the River street shelter and prevent any eventual animal cruelty.

This comes after the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has discovered violence on the animals in the shelters. Five managers were arrested and charged for animal cruelty.

Now the shelter is expected to re-open with a new image, well-trained staff and strict monitoring. There will be special commission that will check signals for animal abuse.

On May 30, the new managers of the River street shelter will welcome new animals, as well as it will apply new rules, maintained by Toronto Humane Society and other organizations. Toronto’s authority has proved for another time they can provide special care to the animals without shelters.


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