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facts about mosquito fish

Facts bout Mosquito Fish – Things to Know

Mosquito Fish or Gambusia and as clear from the name, these fishes help in controlling mosquitoes. It is a tiny freshwater fish silver in colour and belongs to the order Cyprinodontiformes and family Poeciliidae. Gambusia is term that originated from the world ‘gambusino’ and it means useless. However, this fish is not useless and it […]

tips to control bad breath in cats

Effective Tips to Control Bad Breath in Cats

Expecting minty-fresh smell from your cat’s breath is like a dream. However, if your cat’s breath gives off an extremely strong foul odour, then there can be underlying medical reasons behind it. Cats are prone to bad breath too if proper care is not taken just like dogs. Halitosis or bad breath can be caused […]

effectively train guard dogs

How can you Effectively Train Guard Dogs?

A guard dog or a watch dog is trained to protect your life and property. Many people believe that guard dogs are taught to attack but that is not what actually happens. Rather, they are taught to bark and alert their owners to warn them of potential dangers. Training guard dogs is not easy and […]

how to take care of mystery snails

How to Take Care of Mystery Snails

A Mystery Snail is a commonly seen freshwater aquarium snail in the pet shops; these are usually brown in color, while some can also be creamy white. Mystery Snail shells are usually in solid colours, but you also get too see color gradients with streaks of light and dark brown, black stripes and other marks. […]

interesting facts about sea turtles

Interesting Facts about Sea Turtles

Sea turtles, one of the most ancient creatures on the Earth are even found today and their species have been living for more than 110 million years as companions to the dinosaurs. The shell of sea turtles or “carapace” is adapted in a way that they can swim through the water.  However, sea turtles are […]