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tips for setting salt water fish tank

Tips for Setting Salt Water Fish Tank

Saltwater aquariums is the latest trend among aquarium hobbyists. Having a saltwater aquarium is creating a habitat in order to have a saltwater fish as your pet. You can have this aquarium easily, provided you follow some tips which are necessary to be followed in order to maintain a suitable home for your pet from […]

ways to care your quacker parrot

Top 4 Ways to Care your Quacker Parrot

Myiopsitta monachus is the scientific name for Quaker Parrots and are more commonly known Monk Parakeet. This bird is considered to be the most sociable bird with distinguishing nesting habits. This breed is well admired for making nests with only twigs and do not require a pre-existing cavity. Being the most sociable, it can be […]

facts about dodo bird

Top 5 Facts about Dodo Bird

Raphus Cucullatus more commonly known as Dodo, is an extinct  bird that was unable to fly but could run at a great speed. The bird Dodo was  endemic to the drier  coastal areas of Mauritius, in the east of Madagascar that is located in the Indian Ocean. The last sighting of  Dodo was reported in […]

facts about mosquito fish

Facts bout Mosquito Fish – Things to Know

Mosquito Fish or Gambusia and as clear from the name, these fishes help in controlling mosquitoes. It is a tiny freshwater fish silver in colour and belongs to the order Cyprinodontiformes and family Poeciliidae. Gambusia is term that originated from the world ‘gambusino’ and it means useless. However, this fish is not useless and it […]

tips to control bad breath in cats

Effective Tips to Control Bad Breath in Cats

Expecting minty-fresh smell from your cat’s breath is like a dream. However, if your cat’s breath gives off an extremely strong foul odour, then there can be underlying medical reasons behind it. Cats are prone to bad breath too if proper care is not taken just like dogs. Halitosis or bad breath can be caused […]