The Natural Pet Food and What It Is Actually About

The majority of people focus a lot on healthy nutrition in our days. But what about the pet food we feed our beloved pets? The advantage of the natural food for dogs is that in the majority of the cases they have a lot of nutrients that the commercial dog foods lacks.

For example, most of the commercial dog food cans say that the kibble meets the daily necessities of dogs, but in many cases this isn’t entirely true. The information that is offered by the products is based upon the brand’s recommended size of daily serving. In case the dog eats more or less, he will be out of balance.

Pet FoodAnother thing to consider is that the amount of nutrients that the body of the dog gets is based on the amount of food that is actually digested by the system.

Some of the canned food types can be digested more easily than others, and so in some cases the body won’t get everything that it needs from the food that has been consumed.

When thinking about natural food, we should consider the way dogs have been eating for hundreds of years, and you will see that one of the best solutions is to consider the BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet.

In order for your dog to get all the protein that he needs, poultry is highly recommended as it is one of the best protein sources, is cheap and healthier than beef. Some people might be reluctant about offering their dog a piece of raw chicken with bones, but the professionals say that we shouldn’t worry about it. It is easy for the dog to chew and digest the bones of the chicken.

The vegetables and fruits are also important parts of the nutrition, and they are best served raw. The best bet is to find the ones that are organically grown, but you could also get them from the store, or grow them in your garden.

You should include in his diet the leafy greens that offer iron, phosphorus, iron, niacin, potassium, and manganese. Carrots are also important and they also offer vitamin A. Also don’t forget about cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower that offer antioxidants that fight cancer.

You should provide the dog with fruits that offer vitamin C. Don’t forget to remove the pesticides and E coli before serving the fruit and vegetables to the dog.

There are some kinds of food that you shouldn’t give to your pet, such as onions, avocados, chocolate, tomatoes, raw potatoes, hot peppers, and as it has been mentioned before, citrus.

In case you dog starts begging at the dinner table, you shouldn’t give in. A healthy nutrition is certainly not created by changing the dog into a shameless beggar, no matter how funny you consider the procedure to be.


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