10 Halloween Safety Tips for your Pets

Halloween is surely a very festive time for you, your family and your children but for your pets, it can be too much of a nightmare. You can reduce the stress of the festival on your pet by following the given 10 Halloween safety tips for your pets:

halloween safety tips for your pets1. Don’t Leave Pets out in the Yard on the Halloween Day

The best safety tip is to avoid leaving your pet out in the yard or lawn on the day of Halloween. Many pranksters can tease, disturb and your pet on the Halloween night.

2. All Candies are not for Pets

Remember that not all forms or types of candies or chocolates are meant for your pets. Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, diarrhea and even seizures. Avoid giving these candies to your pets.

3. Keep Pets Confined and Indoors

Make sure your pets are confined and restricted from venturing outdoors on the day of Halloween. You can put your pet in a room so that it doesn’t go out in the night.

4. Keep your Outdoor Cats Inside Several Days before Halloween

To let your outdoor pet get used to being inside, make sure you keep it inside many days in advance before the Halloween. This will also prevent it from getting teased by kids on pre festive days.

5. Keep Halloween Plants out of the Reach of Pets

Many Halloween plants can cause several types of problems for your pets. Such as gastrointestinal issues etc.

6. Don’t keep Lit Pumpkins around Pets

Lit pumpkins can pose risk of burning pets as they may knock against them and hence should be kept at a safe distance.

7. Keep Wires and Electric Cords away from Pets

Another safety tip is to keep all kinds of wires and electric cords out of reach of the pets.

8. Don’t Dress Pets in Costumes

Unless your pets don’t enjoy it, don’t dress them up in costumes. The costume must not constrict the movement of the pet in any way.

9. Try the Pet Costume before Halloween Day

Make sure you let the pet try the costume before the day of Halloween so that if the pet is allergic to it, then you can know about it in advance.

10. Give Proper Identification to your Pet

In case your pet gets lost, make sure it has proper identification such as ID, micro chipping etc.


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