Do Pets Get Depressed The Way Humans Do?

We often see our friends with fur or feathers losing the joy of doing the very usual things we are accustomed to see them do and we cannot understand what is wrong with them.

There are times that we do not pay attention to small details from out pets’ lives because we could never imagine that they would suffer from the exact thing we do, depression.

dogYes, the pets get depressed. They miss our company, our attention, our time spent with them. What makes a pet depressed? Well…it actually depends on the species and on the pets’ temperament.

Dogs become sad if their owners miss for a long time. Their depression can manifest anyway from not eating, not playing, not moving from the door their owners used to leave to being very aggressive to anyone that tries to replace their owners.

catCats refuse food and water and they protest by scratching anything inside the apartment or house. You should know that a divorce, fights inside the family or any type of violent behavior between the family members can make the cat become depressed.

Depression can make the cat run from home or as hard as it is to believe it, can even kill the cat.


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