Does Your Pet Hate You? Here’s Why

We might think that our pets are annoyed by traffic, noise, other pets and only occasionally by humans. But the truth is, most of the times the owner is solely responsible for the pet’s behavior.

pets hatePet owners take on the responsibility but they don’t always follow the rules as far as pet care goes. Most of the times we say we love our pets. In fact we actually either don’t know or don’t pay enough attention to take proper care of them.

Some of the biggest mistakes pet owners commit include neglecting the basic needs of their pet. They do it without knowing and many times out of the habit of having a comfortable life that includes the pet as an asset rather than a friend.

Here are the main 3 things what make pets hate us:

1. Don’t buy me if you don’t have the time to care for me

This is what you would hear coming from a little cute pet in the pet shop. The “OMG!!! How cuuuute!!! I want it!!!” is most of the time the reaction to cuteness, the responsibility coming with it being something we easily disregard.

We need to consider the space, the vet costs, and the time we can spend with our pets. All of us may want a dog but keeping it inside a small apartment is condemning it to a life of hell.

People tend to buy snakes and iguanas not understanding they need special care. Most of the exotic species end up dieing because of their owners.

2. Train me or stop complaining

We like keeping pets indoors but we hate dog chewing the shoes, cat spreading its fur all over the place, jumping on the bed or stealing food.

We scream and hate the pets for doing stuff we don’t like instead of taking the time to train them. Pets need discipline the way children do. They don’t have to become scholars but they can be taught to avoid certain things that will annoy you and make you into the ‘always complaining’ nasty owner.

3. You don’t treat me like a friend

Owners play with the pets when they feel like it. Owners also feel that it is their right to ignore the pet when they had a bad day. Imagine if your pet would be a human being, what kind of behavior would you expect in return?

Pets crave for attention. So if you use them to receive it, be consistent. No matter how bad was your day, take the time and play with your pet. You might have the surprise to feel better.


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