Understand Your Dog Behavior To Get Close To The Dog!

Dog BehaviorIs your dog behavior driving you crazy? Is he destroying your home when you are not around? Is this behavior annoying you? What does this behavior mean? Do you want to know what your dog is trying to express? Then you should know about the dog behavior and try to correct them.

Understanding the dog behavior gets you close to your dog and makes you understand the dog in a different aspect.

Understanding the dog behavior:

Dogs are particularly known as the genuinely happy creatures of all the pets. They will keep themselves very happy even in the absence of their master. Remember one thing that your world and time is not completely allotted for your pet.

But your pet’s world is full of you (master). The pet gives the prior importance to the master and their needs; it showers unconditional love on them.

Dogs have their own unique manner of showing their love towards their owner; this is often misunderstood as annoying dog behavior. The behavior persists as long as you recognize the problem of your dog or understand the hidden meaning in the dog behavior.

Barking: This is the main means for the dog to communicate with its master. This can be felt as a nuisance for the one who is listening to the barking, but there is a hidden meaning in the continuous barking. The dog may be annoyed due to the atmosphere or asking the attention of the master.

If the dog is tied in the kennel, then it means it wants to be free. If it’s barking towards a person, that means your dog does not like the person’s presence. Continuous barking means the dog is unpleased with the act or it is uncomfortable. It can also mean that the dog’s health is not in a normal state. Make sure you understand the reason for continuous barking and cut down the barking annoyance.

Excessive licking: Once you come home after a long hectic schedule, the dog jumps on to you and express its love towards you through licking. All the day the dog must be waiting for you and once you are home it loves to be in your company and express the love towards you by licking.

Sometimes, excessive licking shows the attachment towards the master or the dog is asking for attention. Do not misunderstand this as a boring and agonizing act after a hectic day. Pamper the dog for some time so that the dog will be happy.

Aggressive behavior: The aggressive behavior in the dog is classified into three types

  • Aggressive towards owners: This is a rare case; they are very loyal animals and are never aggressive towards their owners. If the dog is aggressive towards the master, it means the behavior of the master is annoying and want them to stop the act immediately. The aggressive behavior is shown while feeding them that is when you stop them from eating their food or if you do not supply the food properly.
  • Aggressive towards strangers: Dogs are always fiery towards strangers and are very aggressive in case they tend to enter their premises. This behavior is seen as a guardian or watch dog towards their master and home. With proper dog training tips, you can control the aggressive behavior and make the animal less aggressive towards strangers.
  • Aggressive towards other pets or dogs: When the master is pampering other pets, the dogs feel jealousy and will show aggressiveness towards the other pets. By just shifting your attention towards the dog, you can control the aggression levels. When your dog is with other dogs, aggression is seen as the dog wants to show their importance in the dogs.

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