How To Make Your Dog “Baby Ready” When It’s Time To Bring The Newborn Home?

newbornSo you and your spouse are about to have a baby and you have a precious and loyal canine companion at home.

Your dog has been with you and your spouse for years and been ever so loyal so you want to make the transition to being ‘only dog’ to being ‘dog in house with newborn child’ as easy as possible for him.

First of all, allow him into the baby nursery. Many people make the mistake of calling the nursery ‘off limits’ to family pets and all this does is increase the curiosity the dog has.

Now, it’s quite all right to not allow the pet dog in the nursery once you bring the baby home from the hospital but until then what is the harm in letting him sniff around?

If you are the husband you will have more duties as the time to bring the baby homes gets nearer. When your wife is in the hospital it is important to stop at home and make sure your dog is still fed and walked.

If you aren’t the responsible one for this then you will have someone else do it for you. Begin by taking home a blanket or shirt that smells like your wife and the hospital. Once the baby is born start bringing home articles of clothing or blankets that have the scent of the newborn baby on them.

Now since it will inevitably been a day or two since your dog has seen your wife, the day the wife and baby come home are very important. When you get home, have the wife go inside first to greet the dog and let the dog smell her.

Keep in mind she will have all the smells of the hospital and the newborn baby on her. Once she has reassured your dog it is time for you to bring the baby in.

It is extremely important to make sure both you and your wife have relaxed, positive energies. Your dog senses your energies and your emotions and feeds off of them.

Chances are your dog wouldn’t think twice about this new infant however since all parents wound up the day they bring their baby home you will most likely have tense energies.

Remember there will be good days and bad days but overall your dog will become a huge protector of your baby within weeks.


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