Learn the steps to Set Up a Cold Water Aquarium

Cold water fish such as goldfish and koi grow at a slower pace and can survive longer than fish that live in warm waters. Such fish prefer cooler water temperatures (below 20 degrees Celsius) than tropical fish.

These fish are members of the carp family that can stand cold water temperatures (up to 10 degrees Celsius). Cold water aquariums differ from tropic aquariums in the fact that they do not require a heater. Below given steps will help you to set up a cold water aquarium.

cold water aquarium

Buy/ Gather all the Basic Equipments

First things first, get all the required equipments like

  • Tank
  • Air pump
  • Filter
  • Plants
  • Gravel
  • Fish

Also, get some items for decoration purpose since an aquarium without some decoration looks pretty out of place.

Decide on the Place of the Tank

One of the most important decisions in keeping aquariums is deciding on where you want the tank to be. The place should be away from direct sunlight or intense heat and should be kept in a safe place.

Do some Research on Fish

You must do all the basic research on exactly which fish do you want to keep in the aquarium. Goldfish is the most popular cold water fish for starters.

Spread the Gravel Evenly

The gravel must be bought from a pet shop and should be washed thoroughly before spreading it evenly on the aquarium floor.

Install an Adequate Filtration System

Cold water fish are generally considered to be messier than tropical fish so an adequate filtration system must be installed for the tank. The system may be placed inside or outside the tank. In many cases, it is kept under the gravel. At times, a separate air pump is also required to produce air bubbles in the water.

Add Decoration in the Tank

Rocks and other ornaments serve as good decoration material. See what suits you best and add it to the aquarium tank.

Fill the Tank with Water

Fill the tank to the top and add some tap safe solution like de-chlorinator to it.

Add Plants

After waiting for 2 days, you can add aquatic plants to the aquarium. There are different verities to choose from.

Finally, add Fish

If you see that the water gets murky or dirty then let the filter clear it first and then add the fish to the water.

Photo Credit By: fishqu.com


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