Cardinals and Blue Jays: How to Attract them to your Garden

Garden and backyards can be made a space for visual treat just by attracting birds to the area; their chirping sounds and spectrum of colours not only bring splash of optimism in the environment but also gives you a reason to flaunt your garden. Here are few ways by which you can attract cardinals and blue jay’s to your garden.

What are Cardinals?

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Cardinals are one of the most loved birds and are the official birds of at least seven US states. They are easily identified and are noted for their bright red plumage.

They are also referred to as redbirds and are generally found in US south east. These birds are loved for their colour and songs, so here are some simple ways to attract them to your backyard:

Do not forget their Favourite Foods

Peanuts, berries and large seeds are their favourites so take care to keep these around. If there are predators around which roam in the evening or early morning then take care in feeding these birds because they generally enjoy eating at dusk and dawn.

Provide Secluded Areas with a Small Sandbox

For their shelter, these birds generally prefer secluded areas which are safe and secure for them. Filling these places with coarse sand might just provide some icing on the cake. Thorny shrubs and dense bushes are their favourite abodes.

Water and Bird Baths

Having a source of water of course is essential for attracting any bird. Bird baths are a great way to watch these birds have fun and enjoy themselves. In cold weathers, the bird baths should be mildly heated.

What are Blue Jays?

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Known for their intelligence these song birds are credited for spreading the oak trees after the last glacial period. They are noisy and are commonly found in US and Canada while some of them can be migratory too. They are bold and aggressive; if you want to attract them to your place follow these steps:

Keep an open platform of at least 20 by 20 cm

The open platform should be at a decent height above the ground and should be safe from predators. They generally prefer flat surfaces.

Keep the important dates in mind

They build their nests around mating period so March-July months are the ones to look forward to.

Do not forget their favourite foods

Plants, vegetables and nuts are their preferred diet and offering these is the best way to attract Blue Jays.

Have water around

Water does not only quench their thirst but also provides them with a space to bathe. Keeping water in a large tub or a small pond is a great idea!


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