Pets Serve As An Example Even When In Pain

Alyna was born paralyzed. She was brought at the Israeli based hospital of ALYN for therapy and treatment in 2009. Since that time Alyna turns to be more than a patient. Alyna is an inspiration; Alyna is a relief for many other patients in this hospital.

The reason is one – Alyna is a rabbit and anyone who visited this hospital knows that this bunny is more than a friend. It is actually a great companion to the children that need assisting devices for their mobility. The doctors in this hospital have their own explanations about the “Alyna” effect on the children.

paralysed bunnyThe rabbit serves as a soothing example and helps children to improve their statement. According to the authorities in the hospital, the paralyzed bunny is said to be helpful for hundreds of patients. The psychological explanation of the experts is that people who need to overcome their disability often get depressed and feel alone.

Being with a companion as Alyna, people tend to improve their mental statement and turn back to life due to the good spirit that Alyna is providing. There are also many researchers who claim that having a pet is one of the best therapies for people with disability.

Alyna is now one of the best assistants in ALYN. Its care is appreciated as much as the care of professionals.


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