Herbal Treatment For The Most Common Dog Problem

pet coat shineAnyone who has a pet knows that fleas are a problem to animals and humans alike.

Once your dog gets fleas, more than likely you will be bitten at least once. There is however, a new way to get rid of the fleas with an all natural herbal treatment for your pet.

Coming in a 2 oz bottle, Pet Coat Protection with Flea Protection not only rids your animals of fleas and prevents future infestations; it also hydrates your pets coat for a healthier, glossier shine and even strengthens the hairs.

Just spray on your pet daily if your pet already has fleas and once they are gone, once in a week is sufficient. Spray after bathing and grooming to replace the natural oils that were lost and your pet will be looking fit and remain flea free for as long as you use the treatment.


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