The Adventure Of Raising Russian Blues

russian blue kittenWhen I received Terry for my birthday, she was a small bundle of joy, a 6 weeks kitten with the fur so soft and so bluish gray that I could say it was washed in a bowl with paint.

As for all Russian Blue kittens, her eyes were very gray (because they turn vivid green around the age of 6 months) and she looked at me amazed and curious about the two legged creature that almost smothered her in her arms.

Her noble name was written both in the pedigree and in her health certificate and it was Marie Therese of Royal Velvet Kashmir …a bit too long for a creature so small but nevertheless noble.

Until I had her I always imagined cats were affectionate creatures, clingy and needy, always in your feet, always there …and always wanting attention…

Well I was wrong. The beautiful princess turned out to be very self sufficient, extremely independent and even more, totally into her own little self.

In two weeks, she had written all over her blue face, a very forward look that was saying: “my house”, “my mom”, “my bed”, “my cushion” etc. In short she was the owner of everything she laid eyes on.

The years went by and my husband bought her a consort with the name of Lancelot Calibra…named shortly just Lance, a very man like creature with all the habits of a human male, the same placid look and the same attention span.

When he grew up, he reached the weight of 5 kilograms which I read it was the proper weight for a Russian Blue male.

If I seem familiar talking about my cats, well I bet every cat owner does the same.

To continue, I must say that from this “marriage” were brought into the world, 4 little kittens, astonishing resemblances of their mother both as looks and as character.

Of course after deciding to keep one, we searched for proper homes in which to send as a gift the rest.

This story may be a simple one, but the adventure really begins when you bring in your home a Russian Blue kitten.

The Russian Blues are cats with personality, with a very strong character, extremely intelligent and extremely possessive. Ours simply choose the moment when to be affectionate and then we get even more attention than we need.

The females are very clingy during pregnancy, they really need their masters around, they become very affectionate all of a sudden and they keep on watching you all day long.

The kittens open their eyes when they reach the age of ten days, sometimes even sooner and in the first two weeks they look like miniature monkeys so very cute and gray.

By the age of 3 weeks they need supplementary milk besides the milk of their mother, are good to be taught how to use the litter box and they are going crazy running all over the house.

As we are having this little family for over 4 years and the kittens “operation” repeated itself every year, our family has now 6 cats. Apart from being beautiful like only Russian Blues can be, they are a constant enjoyment.


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