Hello, My Name Is “House Pet” And I Am Mighty Jealous!

That would be exactly the statement that can define the situation going on in a house with several pets. No matter if the pets share the same race or are completely different species the jealousy that we so much despise in humans can make itself known in pets too.

If I would write myself a letter describing the feeling I read in the eyes of my dog it would sound something like this:

house pet 1

“My name is Jess, and I am jealous. I am beyond any cure without your unconditioned help. So, my dear mistress if you think about bringing another animal in the house, make sure you reserve time in your daily agenda just for me. If not, be prepared to meet my wrath that will make me go rogue, destroy the furniture or get depressive. My dear mistress, please do not forget that since the day you took me in I was the “one” in your universe so please understand my jealousy.”

Why does this happen? Well, because jealousy is not a human exclusivist feeling. Pets are pretty much seeing us as their offspring and they tend to get overprotective.

You should be aware of the fact that the most jealous species in the pet world is the cat, for of all pets it is the most possessive. A house cat will accept new comers into the house very hard, no matter who the newcomer is, a pet the likes of dogs, parrots or turtles, or another human being regardless of whether they are adults or kids.

house pet 2Take for example the lady owner of a cat like my BFF who had the bad inspiration to bring in the house a small dog.

You won’t have to think very hard to imagine what followed since the cat noticing the change in her wonderful routine reacted terribly to the little dog’s presence, actually attacking the puppy and scratching it like crazy.

Of course, anybody in the right mind knows that for pets, the “intruder” is seen as a trespasser in the territory and as a result the most behaved cat will attack the “enemy” no matter how scary he is, in a desperate quest to prove its leadership.

If the dog is the first comer in the house the things are different. A dog will hurt terribly if you bring in another pet especially if the pet in question is reluctant to accept his company and come “play”.

How does the dog behave? Just watch where you leave your favorite shoe or purse and make sure you don’t have expensive furniture.

house pet 3The conflict can come out or can be dormant but no matter how it is, you, the owner, must be aware that you have to spend time with both of them.

If the cat is not late to spit and scratch acting extremely aggressive, the dog is suffering in silence becoming extremely agitated and doing everything to get your attention.

Be realistic and pay attention to their behavior and as soon as you bring the second animal into the house focus on making two friends out of them.

Pay equal attention, encourage them to get close and keep an open mind. Have patience and you will see the miracle happen.


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