Taking Heed Of Your Dog’s Health Symptoms

dog healthAs a pet owner, you are the one who is responsible for your dog. You know its feeding, sleeping and other habits.

When their usual habits start to change abruptly, usually you are the one who notices it.

There might have developed a disease or might have an injury, whichever way you become concerned and its quite understandable.

There are many pet diseases out there, including rabies, corona and so on. You can protect your dog from these diseases by having it vaccinated. However, not all diseases can be vaccinated against.

Needless to say, there are some symptoms of your dog’s health that can be of assistance in helping you spot illnesses before they become fatal. Here are some of the dog health symptoms and bad health in your dog:

Firstly, there are dog health symptoms that show good health. These include a healthy appetite, a dry nose without any discharge, free movement that is pain free, clear bright eyes, clear skin, good weight depending on the breed, and a normal body temperature.

However, there are some symptoms that can tell a different tale on your dog’s health. These symptoms include a runny nose, lack of energy, weight loss, loss of healthy appetite, lack of energy and blood discharge.

When you start noticing these changes and symptoms, it is best that you contact your vet immediately for early treatment. The disease or illness might be fatal and the longer you wait, the chances of it being fatal are increased, especially if your dog is not vaccinated.

Get your dog vaccinated

If your dog isn’t vaccinated, it makes it liable to a whole list of viral disease. Some of these are transmitted through human contact, airborne and through saliva from animal bites (such as in the case of Rabies where infection is spread via bites from infected animals.

The longer you wait before you get your dog treated, the severe and complicated the problem might be. It might have stated minor such as a skin or itch. This might be made worse by your dog‘s continuous scratching which will lead to raw skin and bacterial infections.

The above dog health symptoms are brief and comprehensive to allow you to spot both the good and bad health symptoms of this dog. If truth be told nobody really knows your dog more than you do, don’t ignore any unusual changes in your beloved furry friend. Instead, take a step towards bringing your dog back to health.


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