The List of 8 Birds that cannot Fly

When we think of birds, we visualize only birds flying high up in the sky. But do we ever consider those birds which are not blessed with the capability to fly? Probably not. It is important to know that there are many species of birds that may have wings but cannot fly like the others. These birds usually live on land and may also have the capability of swimming in water. The following is the list of the 8 birds that cannot fly?

1. Penguin

Penguin is one of the most popular flightless birds. This beautiful looking creature can swim and dive but does not have the capability to fly. Most of them live in colder regions like Antarctica. There are 18 species of penguins and none of them can fly.


2. Steamer Duck

Another bird which cannot fly is steamer duck. There are total of 4 types of steamer ducks and three out of them are flightless. Even the one specie that can fly is often so heavy that it cannot lift itself up from the ground.

steamer duck

3. Ostrich

Ostrich is another common flightless bird which runs very fast but cannot soar up in the skies. It is the king of birds and can grow upto 9 feet in height. Eggs given by ostriches are the largest by any bird.


4. Weka

This is a bird found in New Zealand and is yet another category of birds that do not fly. These are remarkable chicken-sized birds which are slowly decreasing in count and are known as clever thieves.


5. Kiwi

There are a total of 5 species of kiwis and none of them have the ability to fly. Kiwis have hidden feathers and can be considered one of the oddest species of birds.


6. Kakapo

Also termed as the owl parrot, kakapo is another bird which is flightless. It too is a native of New Zealand and is a nocturnal parrot. It is a strange yet beautiful bird which can grow upto 2 feet height.


7. Takahe

This is also a native bird of New Zealand which cannot fly. It is a hide and seeks master bird which was thought to be extinct but again reappeared after a few years.


8. Cassowary

This is a giant bird from Australia which you definitely don’t want to mess with. It is heavyweight and is the only bird that is heavier than the mighty ostrich.


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