Getting Home Finches as Pets with Expert Tips

If birds are on your list of pets then finches are the best choice. Finches are recluse birds which are happy to be alone, all by themselves.

Hence they are an ideal choice for busy people who still want the company of a pet in their homes.

Here we mention what you should consider when getting finches as pets, with expert tips in handling and caring for them.

Finches as Pets with Expert Tips

Finches: A Brief Intro

Finches are small beautiful song birds that originated in the Northern Hemisphere. They are highly active social birds and are generally found in pairs. They prefer the company of their own breed than that of the humans. The most common varieties of finch that are seen as pets are the Zebra, Society and the Gouldian finches.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Finch

Finches have a short life span of 4 to 7 years. Hence it is best to get a finch while it is still young. Always buy finches in pairs. They tend to form groups of 2 and the odd ones are either bullied or ignored. Hence always go for pairs. Buy a large enough cage even if you are buying only one pair. Finches need a lot of space to move around. Do not compromise on this. If you are adding to an already established pair, then the new birds should be watched to ensure that territorial behavior does not set in, killing the weaker ones. In case of such a situation, try getting a bigger cage or increase the size of the group to more than 6. This way, the aggressive behavior disappears.

Tips for Buying Finches

Finches are available in a number of varieties. Some are known for their colorful exterior, while others for their lovely songs. One main thing to consider before buying your finches is to look at the source. A pet store may not always be the right place to get your finches from. Pet store ones are more prone to illnesses that those bred at a professional breeders. Look out for the following symptoms before choosing your pair of finches: Fluffed out feathers, listlessness, abnormal growths on feet or beak, swollen eyes and tail bobbing.

Food and Care Instructions for Finches

Finches are essentially seed-eaters but they also feed on insects and sprouts. Pet finches need to be given finch pellets or pre-mixed bird food along with regular seeds, to avoid malnutrition. It is recommended that new foods be introduced during their natural foraging time – morning and evening.

The food and water meant for your finches must be changed at least once a day. Wash the dishes with a dish wash liquid and water. Clean the cage at least once a week with bird cage cleaners. Disinfect the cage once a month with diluted bleach, leaving the metal surfaces out. Use bird nail clippers to cut their nails.


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