Best Pet Birds for Kids

Keeping pet birds at home is a passion for many; but if you have kids at home some pointers should be remembered. Especially while choosing the pet birds you should look for the ones that make low noise, easily available at the market (if one dies your kid might fuss to get exact another one), affordable cost, easy care rules, the level of mental and emotional needs, smaller size, and life expectancy.

Below given is a list of well selected pet birds that are appropriate for kids, you can select the one that your child would love and bring it home –


canariesThese are very easy birds that are to be just kept by itself and it will keep your kid entertained by singing songs. A canary seldom comes out of the cage, thus all you need is to feed to bird, provide water and clean the cage. It lives till 15 years, thus the bird will be a suitable friend cum pet for any child atleast till teen years.

Society Finches

society finchesThese birds should be kept in pairs and are readily available at the pet markets. Negligible mess and volume are to be assured; but you will have to make the cage roomy enough to let them fly inside. These birds live upto 7 years and does not need any excessive care and just feeding, water availability and cleaning the cage.


budgiesThese are the pet parrots that hail their origin from Australia. For older children, this bird would be an apt pet as younger children can possible hurt them if they are not too gentle. The cage will be small just like the bird, so it can easily fit into the child’s bedroom and can prove to be a great friend over a long time of 15 years.

This chattering bird speaks low, but needs proper vet care in regular intervals. So make sure you can give time for that. Fresh vegetables, toys, one to one interaction, playtime are some necessities of this bird.

Bourke’s Parakeet

bourke’s parakeetOriginating from Australia, this beautiful parrot species is little bigger than a budgie and needs well training as they tend to fly a lot. Changing water, daily feeding and cage cleaning is important and it also needs enough interaction time. Living upto 15 years, these parrots should be bathed everyday and fed fresh vegetables.

Peach-Faced Lovebird

peach-faced lovebirdThis is also a lovely bird as pet for your kid; they live upto 20 years and are available in different colour combinations. These birds are highly energetic and have to be kept under supervision always. They do not make much noise but you need to keep them entertained with the help of toys, play gym, and perches. Handling them might be challenging, thus its better you do a thorough research on these birds before adopting them.

Apart from the mentioned ones, there are also many more birds that you can consider for your kid’s playtime; like Cockatiel, Pacific parrotlet, Diamond dove, Goldie’s Lorikeet etc.


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