Top 5 Birds that you can Consider Keeping as Pets

If you are someone who loves pets and is now considering getting home a bird, then you must know that there are innumerable options that you can consider. Birds are one of the best pet types and are extremely smart creatures that can give you company.  They are easy to take care of and you won’t need to run behind them to control them, like in the case of dogs and cats. The following are the top five Birds that you can consider keeping as pets:

1. Cockatiels


This bird is a favorite among experienced bird keepers as well as first timers.  These are extremely charming birds which will snuggle up, kiss on your nose, whistle and even play with you.  They are extremely loving and affectionate pets who are also easy to maintain.

2. African Grey Parrots

african grey parrots

These birds are quiet, intelligent and extremely sensitive. They are superb pet birds who are both independent and affectionate.  The size of the bird makes it easy to handle and maintain.  The initial expense of buying the bird and its cage could be hefty but the expense after that it minimal.

3. Budgerigars


These birds are popularly known as parakeets and are very popular pet birds. They are playful, affectionate and very easy to maintain. You can purchase them for a very reasonable price and enjoy their company for a long time. These birds are small in size which means that they can fit into any cage size. Moreover, they are not very noisy and do not damage your house’s furniture and other things as well.

4. Cockatoos


These birds possess a lot of qualities and are a favorite among bird keepers. These birds are intelligent, gentle, affectionate and playful. They love to cuddle, are sweet and are of the perfect size.  But one must know that these birds can be slightly expensive to purchase and maintain.

5. Conures


Green colored Conures are ideal for first-time bird owners since they are easy to maintain. These birds are quiet, gentle and very loving. They are smart, sweet and can give you great company when you are alone.  They do not create a lot of mess and do not damage your furniture as well.

So which one of these top 5 choices would you consider to bring home and pet? There are many other birds as well which you can consider for petting.


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