Parakeets – Why Do People Prefer Them?

Parakeets are some of the most loved bird pets all over the world but with so many varieties around, you have to carefully make up your mind as to which one suits you the best.

parakeetWhen John Gould came back from Australia to England in 1840, he brought back with him the very first parakeets to be raised as pets. In the 170 years that followed the little birds have evolved to being some of the most beloved animal friends.

The parakeets come in an impressive variety of colors and even if very small as a species, they come in variant sizes too. If you pay a little bit of attention you can choose exactly the right bird for you and your family.

With a standard length of 18 centimeters the parakeet has the ideal size for a standard bird cage and with a cheerful and curious nature the little parrot is the perfect cage bird.

The parakeets’ feathers come in a multitude of colors but the maybe the most amazingly looking is the variety with yellow head, blue body and white wings. Parakeets with such feathers are known under the name of rainbow parakeets.

The parakeets are easy to train and if you manage to get them accustomed to the house environment they can be let to fly free around the house.

Common Species of Parakeets

Here are the most common species of parakeets you should consider for pets:

1. The nymph parakeets are from Australia. They have yellow heads, two red spots on the two sides of the beak, a dark grey body and a long tail. They can live alone and if you train them from a very young age, they can learn to stay on your hand and talk.

2. The long tail parakeets come from South America. If the birds are very young they can be easily trained. They are almost 23 cm in length and they can live up to 15 years. They have amazingly beautiful green feathers.

3. The notorious love birds are the most famous species of parakeets. They are vividly colored and you should know that the variety with orange heads is the best suited for pets. They are about 15 cm in length and both males and females look alike. The African species have red heads, green bodies and blue wings and are a little harder to train.

You should know that the love birds prefer to live in pairs and if bought alone, might show signs of being aggressive or sad.


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