Make the Christmas Safe for Pets

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year and it is all about fun, joy and a pleasant time. Your pets are celebrating too, so you should think about their Christmas joy as well. The puppies should be taken care of, especially in the festive times of Christmas.

christmas safe for petsThe first thing you should consider as a potential risk for your pet is the food. Usually the holidays are the time when plenty of food is put on the table, but you should consider that some of the Christmas foods aren’t very healthy for your pet.

For instance, the chocolate can be dangerous for the little puppies, as well as the grapes and the raisins.

Some dogs love eating chocolates, but you should not allow it. The chocolate can be dangerous for the puppies, because it contains some substances that affect dogs’ emotions and moods.

The turkey bone isn’t very good idea, especially if the dog is little. The traditional onions can be very delicious for us, but they can cause anemia to the dog.

The Christmas tree can be a risk for your puppy and so are the Poinsettias, Amaryllis and Mistletoe, the very popular Christmas plants. They are poisonous for the dog, so you should keep the tree and the plants out of its reach.

In case you are having electrical lights and decorations for Christmas, you should keep your puppy away from them. The Christmas tree can be dangerous for your pet and you shouldn’t allow it to play near the tree, because the dog can pull your tree over and get injured.

A Christmas without presents isn’t a Christmas. Your dog feels the festive atmosphere, and believe it or not, the puppies also need presents.

christmas gifts for petsTry to include your pet in the celebration by giving it a gift. If you are choosing the gift to be a toy, buy only toys that are designed for dogs. If you choose a conventional toy, the small parts of it can break and get swallowed.

The children’s toys shouldn’t be left around, because your puppy can easily reach them. In case you are having guests for Christmas, make sure your dog has a quiet place to escape the noise. If your dog is sleeping, don’t disturb it and try not to wake it up.

In case you are going on a Christmas holiday with your dog, you should take your dog to the vet for an examination before the trip.

Christmas is also the time, when you can walk the dog and play more with it.


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