Is Cockatiel The Best Pet For Beginners?

CockatielYes, many bird experts say that cockatiels are considered as the best pets for beginners.

There are many birds which are also considered as a good company for the beginners such as canaries, finches, budgies, parrots, conures and love birds. But among all these birds, cockatiels are considered as the best company for beginning bird lovers.

It’s not necessary for you to choose only a cockatiel as a pet in the beginning. You can choose any species of bird as a pet, but cockatiel can get along easily and do not need much experience to breed these birds.

People who have never owned a pet love to own a parrot because of its personality, friendly nature, cuddled creature, good talking and a good company when you are lonely [African Grey Parrot].

Yes, all these characters are specifications of parrots if you give proper training. Some times, parrots can be rude and arrogant. They often bite their owner when they are not in mood. Tallying all the reasons, cockatiels are preferred to be the best breed for many beginners.

The reasons for choosing cockatiel as beginner’s pets:

Price: Many fear of the price when buying a pet bird. Pet parrots will be very costly for a beginner. If you buy a costly bird and could not maintain properly, this will spoil the ease to breed birds. When compared to other birds, cockatiels are preferably less and do not cost too much for a beginner.

The cost of an A-1 quality cockatiel is equal to the normal parrots. The variation in price is so different. Parent fed cockatiel are cheaper than hand fed cockatiel. When compared to other bird species price, cockatiels price is very much reasonable (but not cheaper).

Noise levels: Parrots are like chatter boxes for beginners. Their noise level is very high and many beginners cannot take this noise. Beginners tend to prefer parrots because of their talking abilities, but fail to think of the parrot’s noise levels.

Cockatiels are generally quiet and chirp during the morning, afternoon or evenings. If the cockatiel is alone, it does not make much sound; their frequency is compared to love bird’s frequency. This sound will not be much noisy for the beginner.

Abilities: Every one love to own a parrot because of its talking abilities and other mimic techniques. All parrots are not good in voice; Eclectus, Amazon and African grey parrots are known for their talking abilities. Cockatoos and Macaw can also talk but are not famous for their talking abilities.

Cockatiel when given proper training can mimic small words. The talking abilities cannot be compared with the parrot talking abilities, but cockatiel can mimic small words and respond to your words with different sounds.

Personality/ Nature: Cockatiels are very soft, calm, good and friendly personality. Cockatiels mingle very easily with humans and even with strangers in just few meetings. Cockatiel when mixed up with other small birds, never hurts them or even try to bully them.

Size: The size of the cockatiel is not so big that it needs a big cage. They are not destructive and does not need strong cage to stop them. When left outside of the cage, they are very friendly and do not spoil any furniture.

There are many species of birds to choose from, but cockatiels are considered as the most lovable pets for beginners.


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