Getting Your Pet Parrot To Say The Right Words

Most parrots are not literally taught to talk but copy the words or phrases that happen to pass by their ears and attention. Some phrases like “mornin’ Jack” could be perfectly spoken simply because these were the words that you spoke to the parrot most often.

With all these you still have to prepare a lot of patience if you take on the challenge to train the parrot so it will become a real “talker”.

The most suitable time to teach the parrot to speak is late in the evening, when they are in a quiet contemplative state, unlike the mornings when there are especially active and anxious.

It is essential also to pick out a moment in which you are alone in the room with the parrot because if there are other people talking around it your trial is bound to fail.

It is recommended to accustom the bird to have the back of the cage[bird cage] and the sides temporarily covered during the lessons to make sure all its attention is directed to you and nothing else distracts it while you are teaching.

Once you are ready, you can begin to speak the sentence you want it to memorize as clear as possible. Take a small pause then repeat the same sentence ten times and do not forget to pause every time after you have spoken the sentence. It is very important after you finish this step, to let the parrot think and assimilate it by living it alone.

If you insist to remain in the room and manifest your affection towards the bird talking to it and presenting it with another sentences than the one you tried to teach it, it will remember those you used while you petted it and not the one you wanted it to learn.

The activity will create confusion and the parrot will learn those words it associates with your kind gesture.

Most of the parrots will absorb everything they hear – an Amazon Macaw can for example imitate the train whistle or other sounds from nature. Some imitate the dogs barking, babies crying and if they are smartly trained they can speak in whole sentences.

Most of the parrots get to the point when they can whistle odd pieces of songs and only the ones very well trained get to the point when they can whistle a whole melody.

Still teaching them to sing is like teaching them to talk and with time and dedication this can be done by any parrot owner.


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