Importance Of Bird Cage Cleaning And Tips To Clean The Bird Cage!

Bird Cage CleaningDo you love to be in a messy and ugly house? No one likes to be in a messy house, everyone wants a clean and hygienic place to live.

Even your pets feel the same; they tend to show interest in a hygienic place.

Birds are not an exceptional category; they are very clean loving animals and always prefer to stay in a hygienic place.

So, you should take proper care in cleaning your bird house bird cage. Bird cages carry some sorts of diseases and infections. The health of the birds who stay with these infections for a long time can be spoiled.

A clean, safe and hygienic environment in the cage supports the bird growth in a healthy way. For having healthy birds, make sure to clean the bird cage at least once in a month.

Many of them when thinking about bird cage cleaning, just think of cleaning the cage, but cleaning the cage is not enough. You should clean all the cage accessories and the cage toys also. Even the cleanest cage with unclean toys and accessories will transmit the disease. Clean completely and make sure to give your bird healthy and hygienic home to live in.

How to Setup Cage for Bird

Bird cage cleaning:

Before starting the cleaning process, place the bird in a safe place and then start the cage cleaning process. When starting the bird cage cleaning process, understand about the cage. Some of the cages have removable buttons, so by using this button you can remove all the filth in the cage and make your cleaning process easy. If your cage does not have any removable buttons, you need to take all the measures in bird cage cleaning.

If you have a hectic schedule, you cannot clean the bird cage at once. To minimize the bird cage cleaning process at one time, you should divide the cleaning process into parts. Some cleaning measures can be taken daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly. Dividing the cleaning process will minimize the bird cage cleaning process and make the process easy.

  • Clean the leftover food every day and do not neglect the leftover food cleaning process. The trays should be washed thoroughly before supplying the food. Cleaning the trays will minimize the bacteria accumulation in the cage.
  • Make out few minutes in your daily routine and clean out side of the cage which also includes wiping of the bird toys and accessories.
  • Replace the bottom portions of the cage once in two days. If you have many birds in your cage, you need to replace the cage liner daily.

This is the daily schedule to be followed in cleaning the bird cage.

If you plan to clean the bird cage thoroughly, make out some time and start the cleaning process as you should not neglect the cleaning process.

Tips to clean the bird cage:

  • Remove the bird from the cage and place the bird in a safe place; place away from doors and windows.
  • Remove all the accessories from the cage and make the cage empty.
  • Check for detachable buttons, if you have any such settings remove the leftover with an opening in the bottom.
  • If you do not have any detachable button, take the cage to the garbage and turn the cage upside down. Shake the cage for any loose dropping from the cage.
  • Put the cage under running water and try to loose some of the dirt. Place the cage in hot water tub for sometime to loosen the dirt, which is sticked to the cage.
  • Use only bird friendly cleaning accessories like non-toxic cleanser, scrub, brush and sponge to clean the cage.
  • After cleaning with a non-toxic solution, dip the cage in hot water or run hot water on the cage. Drain the excess water and dry the cage completely.
  • Also clean the toys, perches, food dishes and all cage accessories.

When preferring complete bird cage cleaning, clean all the accessories in the cage. Make sure to rearrange all the accessories after the cleaning process as a change in the cage setup can make the bird to feel as the new place.

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