Bird Cage Accessories To Color Your Bird’s Home

Taking care of birds can be a fun thing to do. Compared to having dogs or cats as pets, birds’ needs are very simple. They only need a nice cage to serve as their home.

Though most cages are plain looking, you can add more spice to yours with bird cage accessories of various colors, shapes, and designs.

Bird cage accessories must-haves

Stainless steel feeder cups

Bird cage accessories such as the feeder cup are specially designed to be screwed and attached on certain part of the cage to put their food in. It is easy to clean and looks beautiful on your bird cage.

Rest corner shelf

A rest corner shelf is one of the bird cage accessories that allow the bird to rest themselves instead of lying flat or stooping down on the cage floor. It is an additional accessory that will surely look good on the cage as well as serving a good purpose.

Seed skirt

A seed skirt is another one of those bird cage accessories that come in very handy. It features a slide out grate for easy cleaning and waste removal.

Thermo perch

Bird cage accessories like the thermo perch helps protect the bird from cold weather as well as the changing temperature of air-conditioning at home. It is scratch proof as well as resistant to bird bite.

Wood perch

Wood perch is a simple bird cage accessory that is similar to the thermo perch with variations of not holding any feature to protect the bird from the changing weather. It is simply put up there to be used by the bird as a perch where it can rest for awhile.

Cable perch wire

Cable perch wire is connected on either side of the cage allowing the bird to perch themselves high up, at the same time being able to swing them or by the soft wind.

Bird cage accessories to avoid


It may look good inside the cage, but the danger of getting the bird’s beak caught between the chain snaps is very dangerous. If it can be avoided, use other alternatives aside form the chain.

Split ring attachment

Split ring attachment is similar to chains. It is one of the bird cage accessories where you attach their toys when playing. Again, the danger of having toes and tongues caught is high. If possible, use a durable self clipped toys to attach or put inside your bird cage.

Mite protectors

Mite protectors are normally put inside, outside or anywhere near the bird cage. It emits a chemical fume that keeps mites away from the bird. Bird cage accessories like these can be dangerous for sensitive birds that can’t stand the smell of chemicals.

Cement perches

Cement perches are dangerous to your bird’s foot. Frequent perching on cement will gradually tear off the protective skin on the bird’s sole causing scratches, abrasions and eventually bleeding.


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