6 Tips to Keep Bees Away from Bird Houses

Is your birdhouse always surrounded by bees which are pestering the birds? Well bees really like compost bins and removing them must be your first job since they can cause trouble and may lead to issues.  There are many ways to do so but it is always better to hire a professional who is well verses with handling the chemicals safely. But if you wish to keep the bees away from the bird house, then you can follow the following given tips and suggestions as well:

tips to keep bees away from bird houses

1. Remove the Bees First with Professional Help

The sensible thing to do as a first step is to seek professional help to remove all the bees which already exist.  This will be done by dusting permethrin powder at high pressure.

2. Clean the Bird House

After the professionals have done their work, it is time for you to clean the birdhouse. Now that the bees have died out, their bodies must be removed. You can do this cleaning either by using boiling water or some kind of a solvent.

3. Drying the Box

Now, you must try out the box totally since it will be wet after the usage of water or solvent on it. To do so, you can leave it out in the sun for a while.

4. Paint the Box

In order to avoid attracting bees on to the birdhouse again, you can paint the box with an oil-based paint. This will help since the odour will mask the scent of the bee. Painting the box may hide it in appearance to the bees that are used to the previous colour.

5. Cut a Hole in the Box

Another step that you will need to take to avoid attracting bees to the birdhouse is to cut a hole in the box at the back of it so that there is little chance that the bees will cut or control the flow of air in the insides of the box.  This hole will not affect the box or the birds in it in any way and will make the box appear less attractive to the bees.

6. Reinstalling the Box

The last step is to reinstall the box. All traces of previous infections must have been removed before you do so and it must be reinstalled in such a way that it is as away from the bees as possible.


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