Tips For Controlling Canine Diabetes!

Canine DiabetesAs a pet dog owner, you are always worried about your dog’s health and well being.

You take proper care to maintain the health of your pet dog [Dog care guidelines]. Even after much care and concern towards your dog, it can be prone to many diseases and one such disease is canine diabetes.

If your dog has any such below stated symptoms, it’s better to go for a complete health check up and make sure about the disease:

  • Drinking excessive amounts of water than the normal routine
  • Frequent urination
  • An increase in its appetite
  • An increase in tiredness even during the day
  • Weight loss or even a weight gain

If you see any of these symptoms, consult your vet and discuss these symptoms. Have a blood test and confirm the canine diabetes.

When you come to know about this, don’t be overwhelmed about your dog and its health. With proper care and measures, you can control the canine diabetes and make sure your dog’s diabetes is under control.

As you know diabetes in humans is caused due to the extra glucose levels in the blood, same happens in dogs also. Canine diabetes is caused due to the extra glucose levels in the blood of the dogs and becomes a serious disease for the dog.

The dog attacked with canine diabetes cannot play like a normal dog if the disease continues. So, control over the canine diabetes is very necessary for a playful and healthy dog.

Tips to cut down the glucose levels and control the canine diabetes:

Cut excess fat: Every one love to pamper their dog and feed with all fatty stuff. Stop this after you recognize the canine diabetes and start thinking about the accumulated fats. If your dog is over weight, controlling canine diabetes is very hard. So, take steps to cut down the fat in your dog’s body. Make up your mind to avoid fatty food in your dog diet [Safe dog food].

Shift to fiber: High calorie food is very dangerous for your dog if it is prone to diabetes. So, to control the excess sugar levels, consult your Vet and ask for a high-fiber food as diet. Some doggies are allergic towards the fiber diet and irregular bowel movements start. Before shifting completely into fiber diets, consult your vet about the diet which is not allergic to your dog.

Exercise: Exercise is the best way to cut out the extra fat in the dog’s body and to have control over the glucose levels. Make a daily routine to walk with your dog and give proper exercise to the dog. This helps in weight management of the dog. Consult your vet and make sure about the amount of exercise your dog needs. Make a chart about the daily routine exercise and follow the chart.

Maintain schedule: Always follow a daily routine to control the canine diabetes. Following a routine will help the body to accustom to the routine and to control the canine diabetes. Your Vet may suggest some medications to control the canine diabetes. Always follow medication schedule to ensure the blood sugar is in control and your dog is not developing excessive blood sugars.

Hypoglycemia: Many dog owners worry about the canine diabetes and take serious measures to control the blood sugars. The excessive care can sometimes leads to a drop in the sugar levels known as hypoglycemia. Never let the blood sugars drop drastically. If the blood sugar level drops, feed your dog with Karo syrup or honey to bring back the blood sugar levels.


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