Different Pet Bird Species To Select As A Pet!

Thinking of welcoming a feathered pet into the house and worried about choosing a perfect pet bird? Then this is for you. Pet birds come in large varieties and variations; choosing from these large varieties is hard and selection of a pet bird according to your interest is even harder.

Many people oppose the thought of capturing the free birds in a cage and make them as pet birds. Be sure that you are not capturing the freedom of the bird, but you are providing the bird a home to live in. Have a positive attitude towards the breeding of the pets. If you do not have a positive attitude towards pet birds, it’s better to give-up the idea of breeding a pet bird.

Basic things to know when choosing pet birds:

  • Choosing the birds as adorable pets is a commitment that needs your love, care and attention towards the bird. If you cannot spare time towards the pet birds, it’s better to give-up the idea of pet birds.
  • Birds always need company and this is the best way to keep them happy. Always prefer the same species as a company than any other species.
  • Understand the nutrition values of the individual bird, as every bird has its own nutritious values and you should know your pet bird’s nutritious values before choosing it as a pet.
  • The cage is the home for the pet bird, so add some accessories to make the pet bird bloom without getting bored.

There are many bird species which are suitable for pet birds:

Budgies: One of the sweetest pet birds for beginners. These birds are found everywhere and many beginners misunderstand that these budgies are boring. Budgies life span is up to 13 years and is strong bird without much health disorders. These birds have full of energy, very playful, clownish and a very good company for children. Budgies are not boring as every one think; they make a good company for many bird lovers.

love birdsLovebirds: These are often dealt as miniature parrots [Exotic birds]. Most bird lovers’ misconception is two lovebirds should not be separated. This is not true and these birds can be bred in single also.

Another misconception is that these birds are good pets for children. These lovebirds are arrogant and sometimes go aggressive.

They are sweet by nature, very active and always make some chirping sounds.

Cockatiels: This is the most famous pet bird of today’s generation. Their gentleness, affectionate nature and activeness made them the famous pet. They sit on their master’s shoulders for a long time and love the company of humans.

The male cockatiels are very good pets when compared to female birds. The males have a natural whistling nature and it’s very easy to train them to learn the full whistling song. The female birds are more affectionate and more independent when compared to male.

parakeetParakeet: This species belong to the parrot family and have different characteristics which are aloof from the parrot’s nature. The female parakeet is dominant in nature when it is wild.

They prefer to stay alone and do not allow the male parakeets to approach them. These are not good pet birds, but training can make them lovable and gentle.

Male parakeets make good pets when compared to female.

Caiques: These are very active, playful birds and are distinctively market pet birds for their comic appearance. These birds are highly social birds and demand much attention from the master.

Caiques are very good pets for adults who are staying alone as this pet have a very good source of interactions.

loriesLories: This belongs to a specialized group of parrot family and their food is different from other birds. They feed on nectar and pollen in the flowers when in wild. But after captivity as a pet, it can be fed on liquid foods and fruits.

These birds are not preferred for everyone. Lories are quite playful, active birds and their sounds are not limited to chirpings as they make a fairly loud noise.

Amazons: This is the most difficult group of birds to simplify. Each Amazon differs from one another and has a different personality. In general, these birds are good pets for persons who are alone.

The Amazon nature varies; they are sometimes outgoing birds, who love activity and varieties in life. Amazons love to show off and have very good talking abilities. They accept new things and new experiences.

These birds are very much attached to their master and cannot bear if someone comes in between them. This is a great pet bird if you are in search of a company.

conuresConures: These pet birds are known for their boisterous and outgoing nature. They are intelligent, inquisitive and active pets.

This species is very easy to train and very good at doing tricks.

These are vocal birds and are not famous for their talking abilities, as they do not love to learn new words.

Pionus: These are very gentle and quiet pet birds. These are very excellent pets for children and mingle very well with the family. They do not demand much attention and do not mind if you are busy without pampering them.

cockatoosCockatoos: These are well known for their affectionate nature. They love human’s company and demand pampering. They loved to be cuddled, touched and scratched.

They demand attention, grab attraction and love to be the center of attraction.

These birds are good family pets and accept the affection from everyone who is willing to pamper them.

Finches: These are wonderful little pets because of their interesting, entertaining, lively and cheerful nature. These are very active birds and need a very big cage although these finches are small birds.

Some species of finches are aggressive, so be careful when selecting finches’ species as pet birds.

macawsMacaws: These are energetic, noisy, inquisitive, affectionate and even destructive.

If left unattended for a long time, they become destructive and may behave arrogantly.

These are not easy birds to handle because of their huge structure. Sometimes, the Macaws mood is unpredictable; if neglected they can be extremely noisy.

These are the most common pet birds which accompany humans and make good pets. Choose a pet bird which matches to your taste and suitable for your home environment.

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