Exotic Birds Are Excellent Pets With Beautiful Look!

Some of the exotic birds which look more beautiful are amazons, conures, cockatoos, macaws and African grey parrots.


AmazonsAmazon family was named as one of the biggest family of Parrots; it consists of sixty diverse species.

Basically the size of the Amazon ranges from 8 inches to 21 inches. Most of the birds in this species will be green in shade.

These exotic birds are tremendous pets, immense talkers and they will look more attractive with clown like personality.

The majority of these birds will be kept as pets which include panamas, Double Yellow Heads, red heads, Yellow Napes, blue fronts and Spectacle.

These all make great companions and excellent talkers. The life span of these amazons will be more when compared to other birds; they can live up to 8 years.


ConuresConures are the members of Aratinga genus and they are available in different sizes and colors.

These birds will have long tapering tail, slinder shape, large beak and large head. Miniature conures are just like macaws.

These conures are also available in different sizes, some of them will be small where as some of them will be larger than macaws. conures are extremely affectionate birds and fair talkers.

Some of the most common pets in these exotic birds are cherry heads, blue crowns, white eyes, nandays green cheeks, half moons and peach fronts.


CockatoosThis cockatoo family includes more species of exotic birds other than parrot family.

These birds will have striking crests and the size of these birds will vary form 21” to grand size of 29”.

Many of these exotic birds are great clowns and extremely intelligent.

These cockatoos will be more active than parrots. The life span of these birds will be more when compared to parrots.

The frequently kept pets in this cockatoo family are moluccan, umbrellas, goffin, sulpher crested, and bare eyes.


MacawsFrom south Mexico to Brazil, you can find more than thirty species in macaws.

Some common characteristics which can be observed in all macaws are long tails, large beaks and bare facial areas. Most of them are very hardy and long lived.

In spite of their powerful beak and large size, most of them are very friendly and docile when they are hand-raised from the stage of babies. These exotic birds are fair talkers, very friendly and playful.

The most frequently kept pets in macaws include scarlets, blue and golds, green wings, hahns, yellow collars and military.

African grey parrots:

African grey parrotsThese African grey parrots are named as one of the well-known pet birds in America.

These birds are best talkers and they will be ready to compete for the title of best talking exotic birds.

Mostly this African grey parrot rivals the panama, yellow head and yellow nape amazons for the “Best Talker”.

These African grey parrots are lovely birds and best companions. The color combination of these exotic birds is black with grey and red. Try to include temneh parrot with African greys because they are closely related to each other.


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