Planning to Buy a Parrot Bird Cage – Look Out for Important Tips

Buying a bird cage for your parrot is like choosing a home for at least the entire lifetime of your beloved pet. A lot of thought and consideration has to go into choosing the best option for the bird that you have as pet. The following tips can guide you on how to choose the best cage for your pet parrot.

planning to buy a parrot bird cageThe Size of the Bird

It is logical that you should consider the size that the bird that you have bought will reach when fully mature. A macaw for instance may look very small when you buy it as a baby, but will grow to a large size. The more common species of parrots will be smaller in size even when they mature. Bird cages that restrict movement of your pet due to constraint of space inside the cage should be avoided. Consider buying cages that are at least 1 to 1½ times the size of the open wing span of your bird.

Type of Cage

This is another very important consideration as the type of cage you buy will directly be a reflection of how much movement your bird is allowed. You could opt for a regular square or rectangle cage which will be convenient as you can set it up in a corner and is also quite reasonable as far as price is concerned. However if space is a constraint in your home, then you may want to consider something like a dome topped cage.

As the name implies, these cages have an extended dome at the top of the cage that allows free movement to the parrot where the base of the cage cannot be kept large. If your parrot is trained and you can allow it to fly around for some time every day, then your parrot bird cage should have an opening that will give freedom to the bird to fly around and come back to its home easily.

Facilities Available in the Cage

Parrots are playful birds and can get easily bored if they are forced to sit all day in the cage doing nothing. Hence, cages with play areas attached to the top of the cage are very popular. There are toys attached to this area that the parrot can keep itself occupied with.

In addition to this the cage should have a space for a tray and a bowl to carry food and water for your bird. The tray and bowl should be shaped in such a way that your pet parrot can eat easily out of this.

Keeping the above tips in mind while you are going to buy a cage for your pet parrot will ensure that you invest in something that you will be satisfied with for years to come.


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