6 Tips and Steps to Make a Wooden Bird Cage

Do you love birds and wish to build a wooden bird cage for your bird? Well however fancy and creative it may sound, building a wooden bird cage isn’t such an easy deal and may require expertise, dedication and effort from your side.

But before building a birdcage, you must consider the size of the bird, the specie of the bird and whether you want to hang the cage or place it on top of some base. The following are the 7 tips and steps to make a wooden bird cage:

Wooden Bird Cage

1.The first step is to start building the basic frame by using each piece of wood that you will need in the birdcage.  You will need to sand down each piece of the wood so as to ensure that you will not get any splinters while constructing the rest of the cage. This will also ensure safety of the bird while it is inside the cage.

2. Depending upon how large you will need the cage to be, your next step is to cut each piece of wood. So take the 4 pieces of wood and fix them in the square or rectangle shape by using strong glue.  Again take another 4 pieces of wood of the same size and use them as the top and the bottom of the cage.

3. Now to create the shape of a cube or cuboid, you will need to affix four pieces of wood of equal sizes.  After doing this, take a piece of wire and wrap it all around the exterior of the cage so that it fits snugly. Now cut another 2 pieces of wire and use them to snugly cover both the bottom as well as the top of the cage making sure there are no gaps left.  Take a nail gun and affix all the wires.

4. The next step is to cut a square out from the wire on every side of the cage.  You can do this by making use of a straight razor.  This square must be large enough for your hand to get through it.

5. Now attach a door to the cage by affixing a door hinge to the wood.

6. If you are planning to hang the cage, then your next step should be to attach a hook on top of the birdcage. But if you wish to use it as a freestanding cage then you can attach small pieces of wood on each corner of the bottom.


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