How To Setup Cage For Canary Bird?

Canary BirdDo you love birds which sing for you with their sweet voice? One such is canary bird.

Canary birds are well known for their beautiful colored body.

Male canary are popular than the female canary birds as they can sing with their sweet voices. Female canary birds chirp rather than singing.

Before bringing canary birds to home as pets, know certain useful things for a healthy canary bird.

  • Do you have a separate place for the canary bird cage setup?
  • Is the location of canary bird cage setup appropriate?
  • Whether the sound levels of the canary bird will not annoy you and your family members?
  • Can you provide proper care for the bird and provide your time in caring the bird?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you can develop the idea of bringing canary bird into your home as a pet.

Canary bird cage setup tips:

  • Get the largest cage you can afford as big cage will provide your canary bird space to fly. Many people, who breed canary at home, clip the wings of the birds and avoid them from flying.
  • The best type of cages for canary birds are ‘flights’. These cages offer enough space for canary birds flying and are suitable best in apartment sized houses. Remember a long cage is best suited for canary bird than the tall narrow cage [Unique bird houses].
  • You need to add some accessories to bloom the atmosphere in the cage for canary bird. There are some supplies that canary bird requires when you are setting canary bird in cage.
  • Cage cover to cover the cage in nights and to avoid unnecessary light into the cage
  • Cage paper or substrate to place under the cage to make the cage cleaning easy [Bird cage cleaning tips]
  • Bird bath tub
  • Millet spray
  • Cuttlebone
  • Grit and treats
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Prefer nests which are made of wood or bamboo. If the nest is made of any hard material, the canary bird legs may accidentally get into the nest and sore it.
  • Arrange the bars in the cage in a proper method and see that the space in the bars is more than 1/2 inch.
  • Perches are a very important addition in the cages of canary birds. Wooden perches are preferred more than plastic perches. Do not forget the base of the perches on which the canary birds rely or stand, they should never be smooth. If the bases are smooth, the canary birds cannot have grip over the perches and may slip from the perches.
  • The canary bird adjusts in any temperature. So, you need not worry about the temperature setup. Canary birds are quite hardy birds and can tolerate heat. But, make sure you do not place the bird cage near the draughts, air conditioner and in direct sunlight.

Even after much care in the cage setup, sometimes the canary birds may not adjust to the cage and show some of the symptoms:

  • They will not be active, sociable and alert
  • They avoid eating and drinking
  • Their feathers lose smoothness and look like fluffed and plucked.
  • Beak swellings and accumulations near the beak can result

If you see any of these symptoms, consult the vet regarding the changes in the canary bird.

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