Top Secrets for Choosing Safe and Healthy Pet Food

Choosing the best food for your beloved pet can be quite mind boggling, especially when the supermarkets are filled with so many options. To be able to choose the best pet food, we have to be aware of the pet food industry and the jargon it uses to advertise the ingredients they use for manufacturing the pet food. Following are a few top secrets that you must know before you venture out to choose the best healthy and safe pet food.

secrets for choosing safe and healthy pet foodNutritional Value Check

There is nothing that can assure you of the quality of the ingredients used in the pet food, even if the label says premium. We must understand that in the pet food industry the manufacturer is just using a marketing term to advertise his product when he says premium or choice about his pet food product. Hence you should now look for the nutritional value that your pet is going to get from this food.

Protein Rich Food

Just like fast food adds on empty calories on humans, and foods containing proteins help you to stay leaner and fitter, similarly a pet food also can be roughly categorised as a fast food quality or a higher quality of proteins, fats and minerals. Therefore, identify whether the required percentage of protein that the label on the pet food advertises is of a good quality or inferior quality.

Protein can be derived from anything like feet of chicken to bones of animals like cows, horses or mules that have been euthanized or put to sleep due to some disease. Obviously the proteins that are added to the pet food from such sources would not be of good quality and may even be harmful for your pet. Hence while buying the pet food, make sure that the ingredients that make up the proteins in the food is of human grade quality.

Avoid Grains and Gluten

Pets like dogs and cats are carnivores and hence they require no grains. In fact the gluten in grains could lead to blockages in kidney and the urinary tract in these animals. Hence, before buying the pet food, make sure that there is no grain in the ingredients of the pet food.

Preservative Free Food

Do pay close attention to the preservatives used in the pet food, as chemical preservatives can cause cancers and/or tumours. Look for pet foods with natural preservatives.


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