Do’s And Don’ts In Parrot Training Techniques!

Parrot TrainingAre you being troubled by your parrot while heading towards it? Is your parrot biting you viciously when pampering it? Is your parrot attacking strangers?

Are you annoying with the continuous chattering and barking? These arrogant behaviors are commonly seen in the parrot which lack proper training [Parrot care].

Parrot training is necessary to make the parrot socialized and to avoid unnecessary annoying.

Parrot training not only teaches manners to the parrot but also add an extra entertainment to you.

Parrot training will strengthen the bond between you and your bird as you will be spending much time in understanding the bird and also make the bird understand you.

While spending much time with your parrot in training, the parrots get close to you and feel secured about you and the place too.

Common mistakes done in parrot training:

Be patient in parrot training: Parrots are like chatter boxes; they speak continuously annoying their masters. Even the most patience person gets fed up with this continuous chattering.

Even if the parrot is annoying, have some patience or if your patience levels are exhausted just get out of the place or divert your attention on to the other work. Many shout at the parrot when they lose their patience levels. Do not shout on your parrot. You are making your parrot to learn manners, do not lose your manners.

Do not be cruel: While trying to be patient also, many people get exhausted in parrot training. They go wild because of the annoying behavior of the parrot and make up their mind to punish the parrot. This is the worst idea in training any animal or pet.

Never hurt or punish your parrot. Be loyal towards yourself and ask yourself, can you train your parrot? If not, just give up the idea of parrot training. Every one cannot master training and cannot be good trainers. Hand over the parrot to breeder if you cannot train your parrot or buy a trained parrot.

Do not over react: This is very important in parrot training. When your parrot learns a new technique, praise it, but never punish the parrot when it does something wrong.

Try to ignore the mistake and head over to the next segment in parrot training. Many pamper the parrot when it does something good and punish the parrot when it does something wrong.

Parrot training:

  • The first thing to remember in parrot training is always be positive, your parrot cannot learn the first time you teach him a new technique. Even though the parrots are intelligent and can learn very fast, they tend to ignore the master’s word and do not learn the technique. So, be positive, your parrot will surely learn the new technique.
  • Choose a time when the bird is attentive towards you; Parrots drift their moods very easily. So, train the parrot when it comes to you and is in a pleasing mood. Training at this time can save you from biting.
  • Train only when you are relaxed; you may have fixed a routine in the parrot training and some times cannot train the parrot in the routine time. Never train the parrot in a hurry, always be cool and relaxed while training the parrot.
  • Make your training sessions short and make sure that the training sessions are not boring. Make the training environment enjoyable for you and your parrot too. Never make the parrot feel that the training sessions are boring and bothering.


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