Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World

Many people living in the world depend upon fish or products made from fish for their livelihood.  In the earth’s ocean there are more than 30000 different known species of fish and there are thousands of more species which still haven’t been discovered.

Each specie has its own set of features, qualities and unique signs. But there are some fish species which are quite dangerous in nature as they can attack humans, have poisonous fangs or can simply showcase other terrifying traits. The following is a list of the 10 most dangerous fish in the world:

1. Puffer

Also known as swellfish, this variety is a poisonous one which can even cause death when the highly toxic substance released by them contacts humans.


2. Red Lionfish

This fish has venomous fin spines which are capable of producing even fatal puncture wounds. This fish attacks when it is disturbed.

red lionfish

3. Candiru

This is a scaleless catfish which too is considered one of the most dangerous in the world because of the fact that it can attack humans and feeds on blood of other fishes. When it attacks humans, it can cause inflammation and even death.

4. Great White Shark

great white shark

This fish needs no introduction since is can attack humans and can also immediately cause death. With a single bite, it can cause serious damage to the tissues and organs and has caused several fatalities in the world.

5. Moray eel

moray eel

This fish has a big mouth which can grip and attack its prey which usually includes other fish but in some cases, also humans. Even their flesh is toxic and can cause illnesses or death.

6. Tigerfish

This fish species has ferocious habits and this is why it is named like this. Its dagger like teeth are very dangerous and can cause injuries to humans as well.

7. Piranha


These fish have razor like sharp teeth and hunt in groups. They are dangerous to humans and are attracted to the smell of blood.

8. Stonefish


These are venomous fish which can inject poison and kill their enemies and even humans in some cases.

9. Atlantic Manta

atlantic manta

Devil rays or Atlantic manta are known to kill many humans and are yet another very dangerous species of fish in the world.

10. Electric eel

electric eel

This fish produces a powerful shock when it touches its prey and this is why it is named like this. It can also produce a powerful jolt if touched by humans.


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