Some lesser known facts about Swordfish

Swordfish is a fish with a sword like extension on the frontal section of its face, and it derives its name from this extension. They live in the sea and generally feeds on squids, small fishes and sometimes, even crustaceans. There are a number of facts regarding this fish that you may not be aware of. Here are some such facts about the swordfish which are not too well known in general.

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Interesting facts about the Swordfish that you may not know

Evolution has made the Swordfish a predator that can take long migration in the sea. Some important facts about this fish are as follows.

  • Since it has evolved to become a predator, it needs some important qualities. For example it has very strong eyesight, so that it becomes easy for them to identify their prey. Their body, unlike other fish is not covered with scales, and has white muscles which help it in its activity by providing energy when it is chasing its prey. It uses its bill to stun the prey and it can cut the flesh of prey or it can swallow its prey in whole.
  • It is interesting as to how it keeps its ‘sword’ strong. Basically the upper jaw bone of the fish is protruding and gives a sword like impression. It is important that the bone remains strong, because it is used by the fish to kill its prey. Moreover, it needs repairing at times too, or remodeling as it is known among the scientists. However, the process of remodeling is yet to be explained.
  • Most fish when swimming in the sea are able to retain a body temperature, than the temperature in its surrounding water. However, the swordfish cannot do this. In order to keep it warm in the freezing water of sea, it has an unique combination between muscle and tissues, that keeps the flow of warmth to its brain and eyes, intact, so as to help it survive the cold water.
  • The swordfish is a very fast swimmer and is actually one of the fastest among the fishes. However, unlike Tuna, it has more ‘white’ muscles which are not too beneficial for swimming for a long time in the water. Thus they migrate with the help of the tidal flow.

These are some of the facts about the swordfish, the number of which have been steadily dwindling for the last few years.


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