The Use Of Duralactin For Arthritic Dogs

duralactinAn aging dog is a good old friend, often he or she will show signs of arthritis and other such diseases.

It is horrible to watch an animal suffer but thankfully, there are drugs available that can relieve the pain.

If they are happy you too can relax knowing they will see out their final years without any suffering.

Chronic inflammatory conditions will make it hard for a pet to get around and often dogs can become very depressed without an element of exercise in their daily routines.

A drug called Duralactin could be the answer for your dog.

It is a chewable tablet, and obviously, the dosage is increased for bigger dogs and lessened for smaller dog breeds. If easier the tablet can be crushed and hidden in some favorite food, your dog will never know except when he starts feeling much better.

You will know how much to give as the instructions are very clear all you have to consider is the dog’s weight. The easiest way to find out is to weigh yourself and then hold the dog on the scales; the difference will be the poundage of your canine.

Duralactin works by preventing something called neutrophils from going to any existing injuries and lessens the inflamed area. Further tissue damage is avoided once the medicine starts to work its magic.

The drug is based on a dried milk protein derived from cows and is completely safe for your pet. There are no side effects and he will soon be back to his old self, nestling at your feet.


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