Dealing With Bad Breath In Dogs

dogcareWe are not the only ones who suffer from bad breath.

Our pet dogs have bad breath as well. The causes for the bad breath are not similar however.

Sometimes we have bad breath because of some dog foods or beverages that we eat.

For example, garlic or alcohol result in foul smelling breath. It’s an entirely different scenario for your dog.

Bad breath may be a sign for a more serious problem like mouth tumors, kidney disease and periodontitis. Sometimes it’s just a bone stuck in between his teeth or a tooth that has gone bad.

Dogs can’t talk, that is why it is so important to pay attention to such small details. The earlier a problem is diagnosed, the earlier it can be treated.

There are symptoms that can determine if your dog has bad breath or not besides the obvious: smelling his breath of course. If he has a bad tooth, he is very reluctant to eat his food.

Sometimes he tries to eat his food but every time he puts the food in his mouth, he drops it and then starts whining. No. it’s not because the food is too hot or spicy or does not taste good. It’s because of a tooth ache.

If he constantly drools, then you better check what’s going on in his mouth. Or rather smell his breath and there you have it, the problem has been identified.

So how do you deal with the bad breath in dogs? Visit your vet when you suspect something is wrong or when you diagnose the problem. He will probably give you chlorhexidine sprays and mouth washes that have enzymes that decrease the occurrence of bacteria.

Brush your dog’s teeth as at least once in two days. This is more of a preventative measure and not treatment. Squeeze as little toothpaste as you can so if he does swallow it, it will not be much of a problem.

If your dog has a bad tooth, then do what you were to do if you had a bad tooth. Have it removed. It clears bad breath and eliminates the pain that he is in.

Monitor his diet. Do not feed him canned diets. They encourage the build up of plaque rapidly as compared to dry commercial pet food.

Take your dog for regular checkups to the veterinary. If there is a possibility that your dog’s breath is going foul then he can do something about it earlier. It’s your pet so do what you can to keep him healthy.


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