Symptoms Of Canine Tumors

Canine tumorsFinding out that your dog is sick can be devastating. It has been a part of your family for years and you find out that it is suffering from canine tumors.

Although it’s no consolation, knowing more about what your dog is suffering from can alleviate a little stress[pet stress] and you could even get information on treatments that your dog can receive.

Like human beings, dogs also get sick. They can catch anything from a canine flu to a more serious disease like cancer which makes it very important to take your dog for regular check ups so that if there is anything wrong it can be detected early and treated.

Usually canines are attacked by tumors at a mature stage but it differs with the life expectancy of the dog.

Cancer has also been shown to attack male dogs more than it does female, so if your dog is male and aging you may want to look out for signs.

Some of the symptoms that your dog can display if it is suffering from canine tumors are vomiting and diarrhea. This could be a sign that your dog is suffering from cancer of the liver which is partly in charge of digestion in the body.

Another form of canine tumor is canine lymphoma which affects the lymph nodes in your dog’s body. This type of tumor can be easily identified by a vet as the lymphs will be inflamed and they are close to the skin.

Canine lymphoma can affect any part of the body and organs so it is important to go with your dog for regular check ups. If untreated your dog could only survive for two months.

Another form of canine tumors is one that affects the eyes. A tumor in the eyes of your dog can cause blindness and can spread to the brain and nervous system if it goes unchecked. This can cause paralysis and in some cases coma.

A canine cataract though can be treated by operation just like in humans. This kind of tumor though does not result in death but it does make the life of your dog a lot harder.

Canine mast cell tumors are the most common of dog canine tumors. This cancer accounts for about 20% of all skin related problems in dogs. It affects the skin and can vary in degrees of severity from mild to very serious.

These can also be treated if detected early. Canine mammary cancer which is similar to breast cancer in women is also quite prevalent but can also be treated if detected early.

There are many types of cancer that can affect your dog so the best thing to do is keep your dog healthy and if your dog is already affected it is never too late to get treatment. Do it now.


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