What To Feed Your Pet Sugar Glider?

sugar gliderIf you are thinking of keeping a sugar glider, then you have to be careful of what you are going to feed these little animals.

Common health related problems for these guys include obesity and low levels of calcium.

To avoid such problems you have to feed them the correct balance of nutritional foods. A healthy sugar glider equals a happy pet at home.

Fruits and vegetables

These small animals are omnivores so their diet is quite diverse. Make sure you include a lot of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

These foods have a high nutritional value therefore you should include all this in your pet’s diet every day. Prepare them in such a way that your pet will find the food appetizing.


Protein is also important for your pet sugar glider. Crickets and mealworms are a good source of protein. Feed them the right amounts so they do not exceed the recommended maximum.

Remember, these creatures are prone to obesity so too much will compromise their health system.

The structured diet bought of the shelves

A more structured diet may include a specific recipe that your local vet store may recommend. The structured recipe includes a tablespoon of Insectivore- Fare by reliable Protein Products, of which you can find in a commercial small carnivore mix. This will be available in most pet stores.

A substitute will be the worms and crickets mentioned earlier. A tablespoon of prepared commercial nectar mix, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, is another group that is part of the structured recipe, followed by just half a teaspoon of fresh vegetables comprising of tomatoes, beans, shredded carrot, pumpkin and squash. Lettuce and broccoli could also provide some good nutrition under the same group.

Vary your pet’s diet by substituting foods across these three groups.


Sugar gliders are generally animals that are highly energetic. Take note of this when you are feeding it. They will need a large amount of carbohydrates and sugar in their diet everyday to keep up with their energy levels.

Restrict fat intake though, because too much of fats will only lead to the deterioration of their health system.

These creatures can be quite picky just like we humans can be at times. They love treats that really do not have much of nutritional content.

Unfortunately some of us give into their cute little faces and give them what they want. More of all the wrong things will just shorten your pet’s lifespan and you will have a sick sugar glider on your hands often.


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