4 Basics of Hamster Trick Training

Hamsters are adorable, and what adds to their adorableness is their peculiar activities. Well, if your hamster does not engage in lot of activities (which is hard to believe!) or you want to increase the adorableness of your cutesy little rodent, then we have a couple of basics which you may want to teach it.

In this article, we have laid down 4 basics of hamster trick training which every hamster owner should know. You should know that hamsters can easily learn these otherwise very commonly known tricks provided you invest time and patience.

With this, let us find out what tricks you can teach your little fur ball.

4 Basics of Hamster Trick Training

1. Hand Taming

Hand taming can be a really exciting experience for you. This training allows you to build a stronger relationship with your hamster, as the training makes the latter trust in humans ever more.

You will have a lot of hiccups initially, considering the fact that hamsters do not easily leave their cages, and that they have a tendency to bite when there is anything which resembles a claw. So, when you are cupping them in your hand, mind that you might get bitten. But, gradually, they will learn, and your experience will not be painful anymore.

2. Called by name

The next trick involves training hamsters to recognize their names and come whenever called by name.

The trick is to say the name whenever you come to the cage to feed the hamsters or to get them out of the cage. You should say the name and treat them in conjunction. This way they will start associating the name with treats.

After a couple of weeks, hamsters will recognize their names and they will run right towards you on the call. Oh, yes, remember to pat them whenever they heed your call.

3. Through the hoops

Hamsters love juggling. They juggle all day long on the wheels, and so if you want, you can teach them to juggle through hoops—they will do it happily.

First, get a small hoop which is suitable for the size of your hamster. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the hoop and if you can, decorate them a little. Now, hold the hoop before the furball, call it by name and hold a treat on the other side of the hoop.

Generally, hamsters would jump right through for the treat, but if they aren’t, then that means you need to gently push them through the hoop or call them again, this time gentler.

4. Standing on hind legs

It is a fun trick to teach, and here too, treats do all the work. Have your hamster right in front of you and show it an item to it. Say “Stand” or “Sit up”, whatever you wish, and, as the hamster investigates the item, you lift the item above. The hamster, if interested, will follow up the item, and once it does that, stop the lift and praise your little love.

Put this trick on repeat mode, and eventually, your buddy rodent will know what it means to stand on hind legs.


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