Practical Horse Tacks and the Importance of Choosing the Right Bit

When looking for valuable horse tack be sure to evaluate the quality of the horse supplies presented. In many cases tack shops offer a wide variety of products so one should be aware of their equine friend’s needs before making a purchase.

However tempting may be to go for the best offer you should keep in mind that quality items, like those you can find at Schneider’s Saddlery, are the logical choice. No matter what item you would like to purchase you should consider that a quality saddle, girth or bit can make all the difference when it comes to offering the best care to your horse.

Practical Horse Tacks

For example, the horse owners have to keep in mind that the mouth of the horse offers very few places that the bit can apply pressure on. This is why the problem of the bits is pretty complicated. It is important for the bit to fit right into the mouth of the horse. This way it will be able to understand what you wish to communicate.

The places where the bits can put pressure on to communicate with the horse are known as the bars. There are gaps between the front and back teeth of the horses that are covered by sensitive tissue. The bit should be placed over the bars and it should press against the tongue of the horse.

According to the shape of the bit, it could also put some pressure on the lips of the horse. However it is more effective if the pressure is put on the roof of the mouth of the animal. When you are thinking about items that you have to put into the mouth of the horse you have to consider the contact areas.

If the bit is thin, it has few contact areas and there is more pressure on the bars. The thicker bits have more contact areas and there is less pressure. This is why the most important feature of the bit is its size. The second characteristic to look at is whether the bit is shaped or straight.

If you opt for a straight bit, a part of the pressure will be absorbed by the tongue of the horse and so the bars will have less pressure. If it is a shaped bit, there will be less pressure on the tongue. There will be more pressure on the bars and so the horse will have more directional guidance.

When buying anything for your animal the most important thing you have to think about is the animal itself and the needs and requirements that it may have.


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