Choosing A Cage And Bedding For Your Rabbit

Rabbits are cute and cuddly creatures. Providing your pet rabbit with an adequate home is important to their happiness and good health.

Giving them the proper bedding and cage in which to live will allow them to thrive and cement the relationship between the two of you.

The Cage

If you have purchased your rabbit while it is still small, ask the merchant how big the rabbit will get.

You need to get a cage that will fit the size of your full grown rabbit so that they have plenty of room to move about.

You want the cage to be stable and have a solid bottom. Rabbits are prone to infections in their hind legs and their hocks if you allow them to live in wire mesh cage without solid ground beneath them.

When you go shopping you might even decide upon one of the newer rabbit “condos” that have multi layers for your rabbit to roam.

An aquarium might be good for a variety of pets but they are not an adequate home for your rabbit. They need a cage that is well ventilated, so choose a cage that is opened on at least one side. They are also sociable creatures and will like being able to see what is going on in the household when you are not interacting with them.


There are a variety of bedding choices you can utilize for your rabbit’s new home. Paying a visit to your local pet shop will present you with a wide range of choices that are made especially for rabbits.

Wood shavings are not a good bedding option as they may negatively affect your rabbit’s respiratory system. You might even find a bedding option for your rabbit at the grocery store.

It is important that you provide your rabbit with a litter box. They are relatively clean animals and if you provide a litter box either inside the cage or outside they will often train themselves to use it. Just be sure that you change the litter frequently to avoid smell and filth.

Having a rabbit for a pet can be quite a rewarding experience. They are soft and warm and are not aggressive in the least.

You can house them both indoors and out and they will be equally happy. Just be sure you provide them with adequate housing, food and love.


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