Tips To Take Care Of Your Pet Rabbit!

Pet RabbitAre you thinking of adopting a rabbit as a pet? Rabbits are very cute little animals, who can give many years of amusement and affection.

Choosing the right pet rabbit which is suitable for you and your family will be an exciting process.

Rabbits are available in various breeds with multiple varieties and colors. The weight of the rabbit will range from 2 pounds to 10 pounds.

Out of all the breeds, you have to select the right one which is suitable for your family and environment.

Tips regarding how to take care of your pet rabbit:

  • If you get a pet rabbit, you should be ready to give it as much care and time as that is given for your cat or dog.
  • Rabbits, if neutered or spayed, have the lifespan of 7 years to 10 years. Neutering and spaying are simple events which tend to prevent or reduce territorial behavior, moodiness, digging, spraying by males and aggressiveness, chewing etc. By this, your pet rabbit will improve its habit of using litter box.
  • In order to avoid the fur balls, brush your pet rabbit regularly.
  • Rabbits need firm items to chew in order to keep their teeth healthy, so provide plenty of chewable items to the rabbit.
  • Rabbits get more frightened of predators and sometimes they are literally scared to death. So hold the rabbit securely when you pick it up.
  • By nature, rabbits are neat and clean. They are also intelligent and sensitive, social and affectionate, curious, playful and mischievous.
  • You must place the pet rabbits in the indoors only. Try to supervise it keenly when you allow it to the outdoors because the outside world is not safe for the rabbits. They try to dig your garden and eat the flowers and plants which are present in your garden.
  • One of the most important aspects of properly caring for your pet rabbit is providing him with a satisfying, healthy and well-balanced diet.
  • The essential component of a rabbit’s healthy diet is hay, so buy high quality leafy grass hay, clover hay or timothy hay. Try to avoid alfalfa hay because it can be problematic sometimes as it increases the risk of bladder stones.
  • Like all other creatures, your pet rabbit also needs fresh water in order to survive. Provide plenty of water for it and try to change the water daily or at least for every two days.

Rabbits are concerned as exotic pets, so you have to find the vet who is trained in rabbit care.


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