Important Tips On Rabbit Care For Protecting It!

Rabbit CareRabbit care is easy when compared with other pets and does not need much presence of the owner- it can be left alone at home.

Rabbits are playful, friendly, lovely and cute. These are safe enough to play with kids. They are very affectionate and active by nature and gentle with every one.

Rabbits are very active in the dawn and dusk. Here are some tips to take care of your rabbit.

Rabbit care tips:

  • Rabbits are purely herbivores and eat a variety of plants and leaves- favorite food is hay and does not need high calorie food.
  • Never mix rabbit with other pets, especially cats and dogs as rabbit is a prey animal for many. The other pets may kill your rabbit. If you have an idea of adopting rabbit as your pet, you need to give up the idea of having cats and dogs as pets.
  • The gestation period of the rabbit is 31 days, if not neutered and spayed, the number of the rabbits will be doubled in few months.
  • Often a doe (female rabbit) not sprayed can become terrestrial when she reaches its mating stage. She may pinch or some times bite you when trying to reach her. If you do not have idea to breed your rabbit it’s better to get it spayed. This will reduce the effect to some extent.
  • Bucks (male rabbit) offer another different problem. These rabbits are not aggressive but some times misbehave when they reach mating stage and can be controlled by neutering.
  • Rabbits are very soft animals; they get frightened very easily by the thought that the predators near to it will literally kill them. So, be cautious that the rabbit does not go out doors.
  • Always provide the rabbit with chewable food as it is very good for its teeth. If not, the rabbit will end up chewing your carpets and furniture.
  • Vaccination is very much necessary- consult your vet about this. Rabbits cannot show off their pain and discomfort, they often sit in a corner and calmly mourn. So, many of the diseases are often overlooked and this can end up killing the rabbit. This is vey important rabbit care.
  • Always give a company to the rabbit, may be of the same sex or opposite sex. This will bring an extra enthusiasm in the rabbit.
  • Never let your children handle the rabbit roughly. If dropped from a long height, bones of the legs or back of the rabbit can be broken.

Rabbits always need a space to play, so allow the rabbit to play and jump. This is an exercise to the rabbit body. Never close the rabbit in a cage for long time.
The rabbit care is easy when compared with other pets, but not so easy that you can leave the rabbit to itself and let it grow on its own. Have some concern and commitment towards the rabbit.


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