Right Ways to Rabbit Proof Your Home

Having pets in your house is a very healthy habit. While most people have pets like dogs, cats, fishes and birds, you may want to pet a bunny. They are lovely creatures and you will fall in love with them. So if you do decide to pet a rabbit then you need to bunny proof your house so that your house is safe and so is that furry creature. Here are a few things that will help you in this task.

rabbit proof your homeBunny Proof Your Home

  • Rabbits have the habit of chewing stuff. So if you have plants in your house then you need to make sure that these plants are not toxic in nature. In this way even if your bunny chews off the plants it will not be in harm’s way.
  • And when it comes to chewing, rabbits can also bite on cords and electrical panels. You need to conceal all sorts wiring so that the rabbit is not electrocuted in any way.
  • Rabbits will not even let go off wood if they get an opportunity to chew them. That includes your furniture. It is not possible for you to remove all furniture from your house and restrict your bunny’s access to the furniture legs. You can metal plate the legs of the furniture and stop the rabbits from chewing the wood off.
  • Try and remove scattered plastic and foil items from your floors. If your rabbit mistakenly chews them, they can choke on them and that is not something that you want.
  • Rabbits will always try to dig and that makes your carpets vulnerable. There will be favorite spots for the furry ones and you need to cover these spots. You can also opt for wooden floors as this will not let the bunnies to ruin your carpets.
  • Most rabbits will look for hiding places as that is part of their game. Thus you need to fix some places for them and train them in a way so that they utilize only those spaces.
  • Your rabbits will be scurrying around the entire house. Thus you need to get down on your knees and look for all those places in your house that can be potentially threatening for your pet. You will not be able to see these spots while you are on your feet. So kneel, look and fix these spots before an accident.

Photo Credit By: animalspot.net


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